Speaker: Vince Klassen

I was at a dinner party a while ago. Had a lovely time. But ended up in a bit of a heated conversation with a woman there, around a word. At the time, I thought we were talking about the same thing, we were using the same word after all.

But when I looked back, I realized that what that word pointed to for me, was fundamentally different than what that word pointed to for her. As a result, we ended up having a discussion without ever truly understanding each other. Without ever truly hearing each other.

How much of the conversations in our lives, in society, are ones where we don’t truly understand each other?

How much pain has that lack of understanding caused?

As we keep working our way through this Stranger Danger series, I think there is a profound shift we can make that will lead to a deeper level of feeling understood, of understanding, and even of loving.

Join us in person, on the live feed or on podcast as we all strive to Find Love by Overcoming Fear.

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