Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

The end game/goal of my spiritual journey is_______________________.

How would you answer this question? In the circles I grew up in, the number one answer probably would have been heaven. I’m involved in religion because I don’t want to go to hell when I die. So I’ll do whatever it takes, say a prayer, go to church, give money…whatever it takes to get to one place and avoid the other.

But that wasn’t everyone’s endgame. I’ve interacted with many over the years whose spiritual endgame was personal success, prosperity, personal growth, enlightenment, a good life, etc.

Despite the many options and ways you can answer this question – the answer that you decide on is actually really important. It will shape your priorities and values and even the type of community you surround yourself with.

Over the past number of decades, there has been a massive shift worldwide in what has been perceived to be the spiritual endgame. The shift had a huge impact on Friends Church. In fact it played a role in reshaping our focus and what we were trying to help people achieve and experience in their lives and their world.

This Sunday I want to revisit the shift that was made and describe the “end game” that Friends Church is now centered around helping people achieve. Whether you’re brand new to the spiritual journey or have been on one for years, I think you’d be wise to listen in. Whether you agree with our end game or not, thinking deeply about how you’d answer this question, is foundational to your journey.

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