We probably all have at least one memory of a Christmas that felt magical and perfect: the tree hung with lights, presents for everyone, family gathered around in peace and harmony. At least we hope we all do. 

But chances are, each of us have memories of Christmases that didn’t go so well: maybe tensions between people made gathering uncomfortable, maybe there was financial stress, perhaps  expectations weren’t met, maybe people we hoped to see didn’t show up. The ways Christmas can go a little sideways are many!

The spiritual work seems to lie in our response to the unforeseen disappointments and stressors this season can create.  Rarely can we control the curve balls that get thrown at us, but is there a way of processing and responding to it all that can keep our experiences meaningful? With intentionality, can we keep the painful past from repeating itself?

Unsurprisingly, this isn’t a new nor unique challenge.. There has always been a human propensity to fumble these potentially magical seasons of life through the ages.

What’s interesting is that, through what we call the Nativity stories, our spiritual ancestors highlighted mindsets and behaviors that can help restore the magic of Christmas. Offering perspectives that allow us to transcend  these chronically disappointing seasons  and ways to bring out the magic instead of the dread.

Is it time to rewrite Our Christmas Stories?

Series ran December 2023

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