Project Mexico 2025

Taking Water to Families in Mexico by Building them a Safe, Secure Home


Project Mexico Day 5

What a journey it has been! On Friday we packed up camp and drove into Tijuana to La Casa Del Alimento; this is a soup kitchen and daycare that friends…

Project Mexico Day 4

Project Mexico Day 4 When we started planning this trip we made sure we budgeted for some additional water funds to help the family and community.  We kept a lookout…

Project Mexico Day 2 & 3

Day 2 Day two finished up with some chicken wire and tar. The team worked extra hard today cutting, nailing, paneling, wrapping, shingling, and wiring the house. We’ve got our…

Project Mexico Day 1

March 25th Day 1 of build.Today we arrived at our worksite to be greeted by Nelis, mother of six, and grandmother of seven. Herself, her husband Jose, their son Javier, and…


For over 15 years, Friends Church has partnered with Amor Ministries ( to alleviate suffering in and around Tijuana, Mexico, by building homes for families who are struggling in poverty. In that time, hundreds of young people on our teams have built over 30 homes for these families. Every year our teams return to the area, we observe the pride these families take in the homes they now own. We celebrate the way these homes have given people the ability to move from survival mode to healthy thriving. We also celebrate the way this trip impacts the young people who are on the team each year. Many parents will tell us that they could barely recognize their teen when he/she returned. A new sense of gratitude and a desire to give of themselves to others. Some have said that they were as deeply impacted as the families they built homes for. 😁


Each team member will raise their own trip costs and part of the construction cost. Our goal is to raise $8,000 CAD to subsidize the construction costs which in turn will lower the trip cost per student.

Organizations Involved:

Friends Church Calgary -

Amor Ministries -

Size of Team:

20 - 30 people (Consisting of Jr./Sr. High Students, Parents and Chaperones)

Scope of Project:

To build 2 homes - basic framing, including a window and a locking door on a concrete slab

Construction Budget:

$13,800 ($6,900 CAD per house)


24/03/2024 - 31/03/2024

Benefits of Supporting this Project

  • Tax deductible receipt
  • Satisfaction of knowing that not only will you help a deserving Mexican family get a new home but you’ll make it possible for more Canadian students to be impacted by this act of giving back.