Speaker:  Jeff Jarvis

As a parent, one of the greatest joys was to watch my kids light up when we gave them presents that they wanted so badly. To see the excitement and the emotion build as they began to discover what was under the wrapping paper. Seeing them dance around – giddy – dying to rip that thing out of the box and begin playing with it. But it always disturbed me to see how quickly that excitement would fade and their focus would shift to the next thing or the thing their brothers had.

Here’s the painful pill: If I’m really honest, I’m alot like them (perhaps you are too). Perpetually searching for the next thing that will solve all my problems and bring my life deeper satisfaction.

Some of us will try to find it through business success, or material possessions, some by having a child or through a relationship. Many of us turned to religion or spirituality believing that ultimate fulfillment can only be found through a connection with the Divine. But is that actually true? Are people on the spiritual journey experiencing ultimate fulfillment that everyone else is looking for? I want to talk about this search on Sunday and share some counter-intuitive findings that could truly be a game-changer for you. See you at the gym.

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