Speaker: Vince Klassen

Most of us, at least on our best days, would like to be better people.  Not in a selfish way, but in a holistic way.  We want to be better for ourselves and better for the world around us.  Jesus seems to be all behind this idea.

But the problem is, how do we balance between what is good for us, and what is good for the people around us.  Do we always give and risk burning out?  Do we only take care of ourselves and forget about the world?  Is that the healthy answer?  Or is there a relationship between our personal health and our ability to be better people in our world that we need to learn.

That’s where we are going this week.  If this is a balance that you either don’t know about, or struggle to find, join us at the the Spiritual Gym and let’s explore it together.  Invite a friend who you think might need to explore this, they will probably thank you for the invite.

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  • Penny Banfield says:

    This was a helpful message. I thought about how pain, suffering and trauma create a divided world. I thought about my relationship to those around me who experience one or all of these; about better options for me in being in those moments remembering that it would be best to turn on the soft light, adding just a little to lend quiet and a little harmony instead of beefing up the darkness.

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