Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

Many of us who grew up in religious circles were forbidden to swear. Thankfully, there were substitute words you were allowed to use. Rather than saying “shit” you could say “shoot” and rather than dropping the F bomb you could say “frick”.

But whatever we said, we were NEVER to say “Jesus Christ” (though technically you could say “Cheese and Rice!” – lol) and especially “Oh my God!”. These phrases would have put us in very dangerous spiritual territory! The understanding was that by saying them you were in violation of the 2nd commandment: Thou shall not take the Lord’s name in vain.

Is it true that by saying “Oh My God!” or “Jesus Christ!” in a moment of panic or anger, you offend a divine being that then pins that violation on some personal spiritual rap sheet of yours?

I’m not convinced it is.

This Sunday, I want to explore another way of understanding this commandment. A way that stirs up a lot of questions and reveals a much more relevant issue for you and I in 2021. I hope you’ll join us in person or online.

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