Are You There God? It’s… [your name here]

Can be completed by any of our names. Some might remember a book about a girl named Margaret that used that phrase to talk about her life.

But what do we mean when we use the word God?

Are we all using the same meaning?

And what happens when our conception of God gets challenged? Someone gets sick and die and we believed there was a God who would heal them. What do we do then?

Or when we see evil and our conception of God said God is against evil, will stop it in its tracks?

What about this idea that says, any conception of God by humans is by definition limited? Is our conceptions of God really our desire for a powerful being that has our back? Like a cosmic big-brother or sister?

How do we navigate all of this? How do we understand that word God in a way that is rich and robust? But that also gives us comfort when we are struggling or worried?

Our spiritual ancestors have answered these questions in a number of ways over the thousands or years of writings we have. We are going to explore that in an effort to find our unique answer to that question:

Are you there God? It’s … [your name here]

Series ran January - February 2024

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