At the core of the spiritual life is a desire to connect with something More. If there is not desire for something transcendent this is all just psychology. And depending on the tradition you are from, or where you are at, the More can be anything from a feeling of the interconnectedness of the universe, to the divine conception of God and everything in-between. We use the word More because it captures that whole span of beliefs.

And so while we can all work on the our Spiritual Journey components of Awareness, and on our connection to ourselves and to others, there is a part of our journey that is focused on this connection to More.

Our spiritual ancestors, Jewish and Christian, had ways that they found to help them connect and they had an ancient calendar that helped to remind them of all the different paths there helped them find that More.

Starting Jan 2, we are going to explore our traditions scheduled practices to develop our spiritual practices that help us connect to something More. These will be daily, weekly and monthly practices that have stood the test of time and can help each of us find a deeper sense of spirituality in our everyday life, if we are willing to reach for them.

Series ran January 2022

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