According to a Russian legend a peasant was to receive by a deed all the land he could encompass by running in one day. When the day came, he ran and ran, got back to the starting point at the end of the day, and was tired. The sun was almost down, but not quite. So he took off in another direction to acquire some more land. He got back just as the sun dropped below the horizon—and he dropped dead.

How many feel like that’s our life? running to death chasing… what?

And not for a love of running or adventure that some so love - running to acquire, to grasp for more. Not guided by enjoyment of the process, but by the need to acquire? The demands of life? the list? our schedules?

In a quote attributed to King Solomon, the wisest person in our tradition, this kind of life is:


“Meaningless”, he is quoted as saying, “Its all meaningless”

What would your life look like if you left that meaningless pursuit behind and focused instead on what in your life makes you feel alive? puts a smile on your face? Brings you pleasure?

We call that:


and Solomon thinks that that’s the goal of life. in fact, a life of Vitality is the point of our spiritual life even. Is that a mind bender for you? pleasure and joy the goal of the spiritual journey?

Join us to start the exploration of a spiritual life of Vitality

Series ran February - March 2024

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