Speaker: Trevor Dreher

A friend of mine recently had the task of going through her Grandma’s house after she had passed away.  It was a big house so the whole family had come together to tackle this job.  At first it was fun going through her things, finding old treasures and trying to remember the story behind them.   But then it became difficult, wading through all of the items her grandparents had kept.  Behind every door they would find boxes and boxes of more stuff.   It really impacted her & her family and sparked a conversation on how we all tend to spend money on things that are so unimportant.


At the end of the day, you can’t take it with you.


Nothing tells us what we value more than where we spend our money.  The hard reality of our lives, is that most of us are probably putting time, effort and money into things we don’t truly value. Join us this week as Trevor helps us look inside our lives and move towards living out our true values.


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