Speaker:  Jeff Jarvis

A  few years back, my laptop crashed. The blue screen of death appeared and I was forced to wipe it clean and start over. ARRGGGH!  The hidden blessing of it’s crash was how different it acted when it was put back together. It was so fast now!! It almost didn’t feel like the same computer. No glitching – no waiting for screens to open. It felt brand new! In hindsight I realized that I had grown so accustomed to it’s new, slower, gitchy patterns that I had forgotten how nimble and powerful it once was.In many ways, our minds are a lot like laptops. Stuff happens: change at work, relational disturbances, health setbacks, financial stresses, etc. Though our minds work hard to process and make sense of it all, these events can leave residue – mental scar tissue that will accumulate over time. That residue can affect us in so many ways. It can leave us feeling scattered, insecure, unmotivated, annoyed. Recognize any of these feelings? The sinister thing about this residue is that it’s growing effect can be so subtle that, just like my laptop, you can go on for months, even years without realizing just how much it’s negatively impacting you.

Our mental systems need regular servicing and occasionally they need a hard reset. We’re going to explore this on Sunday. Invite a friend and start your year right…in the Spiritual Gym.

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  • Leslie says:

    I absolutely loved this sermon… I have bought the Micheal Senger book UntetheredSoul but could not quite grasp the meaning of …“you are not the person that is saying those word but you are the one who is listening”.. all of a sudden, the examples you gave for each of the categories (shame, get what you what, appearance to others) just resonated with me…I found myself lAughing so hard at your “self talk” because of corse, I recognize that same self told in myself… except of corse, it is not myself talking …only listening !

    I listen every week to your podcasts and enjoy them so much. I find myself laughing a lot at you both because even though I am a generation older than you, and a woman, My soul relates to your examples … I think have to switch them around to suit my life (ie. no iron mans or motor biking in my world) .

    However, I would like to say A grateful thank you to yourself (Jeff) and Vince because you have helped me straighten out much of my thinking by your transparency and the topics you have chosen to talk on.
    I really loved the seven deadly sins as topics and have been able to glean so much clarity in my religious “fog” ..again thank you for agreeing to tackle this difficult topic!

    I want to wish you both (and your loved ones) a very happy new year! Looking forward to the topics you tackle this year. God’s blessing to you!


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