Speaker: Vince Klassen

I was talking with a friend about this message. I told them what the idea was and they started to tell me a story about how they procrastinate doing their taxes each year. And the strange thing, they told me, was that they always get money back, but something about their taxes brought up feelings they wanted nothing to do with.

Anyone ever avoid something painful? I know I have!

But they said something interesting, they told me their avoiding taxes story and then said something like, “Isn’t that strange?”

My reply was. I think this is part of the human condition. In fact, our earliest stories recount an amazing story of a people who are trying to avoid their pain, with a Golden Calf.

So as we start our foundational series, it’s worth asking ourselves what painful thing are we avoiding dealing with? And what can we do about it?

Join us this week in person or online. If you know someone struggling with avoiding some painful things, do them a solid and invite them.

See you at the Gym

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