Speaker: Vince Klassen

This Sunday… What do you believe? About God? About Christianity? About your purpose on the earth? What do you believe?

500 years ago, what we believe, took a huge step forward in the Christian tradition. In fact, it became the thing to focus on. The only thing to focus on.

Is that all there is? Belief?

500 years later, we are still wrestling with the question, is belief alone, enough? Is spending time trying to sort out your beliefs about Jesus and spirituality valuable?

Or is there something more?

Hint: we think there is.

This week we are going to conclude our Anthem series with an exploration of what theology is, and how it connects us to the purpose of our lives.

See you Sunday. If you have a friend that is disenchanted with the theology they grew up with, invite them, they will probably appreciate this!

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