Speaker: Jeff Jarvis

Have you ever known someone who was “spiritually fragile”? By that I mean someone who held a narrow/opinionated view of the way the world should be. Someone who was quick to label people and behaviors and lifestyles in very black and white ways? Without even blinking they could assign a “good” or “bad” or “sinful” or “wrong” label. Often just shaking their head in disgust.

I know this term well, because it’s how I spent a good chunk of my early years…spiritually fragile. It’s quite common in Stage 2 spirituality. You work hard to avoid that which is bad or evil – that can corrupt you. The effects of this fragility though, can be very isolating from the real world. People around you end up having to edit carefully everything they share with you about their lives. Trying so hard to keep unacceptable parts hidden for fear of offense or judgement. Have you ever experienced someone like this? Being on the other side now, I realize how unloved you can feel by someone like this, knowing that if he/she knew my truth they would likely either unfriend me or feel the need to fix me. They definitely couldn’t accept me as I am.

Have you ever known someone who was the opposite of spiritually fragile? Someone who you felt you could trust with anything? Who was very slow to judge and label? Who never seemed to get rattled by people’s mistakes and shortcomings…always responding with grace and understanding?

This scratches at another key distinctive of Stage 4 spirituality. Join us Sunday as we close up our Adulting (Spiritually) series with a message focusing on one of the most beautiful qualities of Stage 4 – a deeper and wider love.

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