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Water, your Spirituality and Scuba Diving

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Water and the Spiral. Spilling Over

All the sports I do involve winning by trying harder than everyone else.  Running, the person who can put up with the most pain and suffering…wins.  Dirt Biking, if you are willing to push yourself to the place where you could get hurt if something goes wrong…you will be faster than everyone else.  You name my sports, that’s how it works.  More effort = better results.

And then I started Scuba diving.

And what you need to know about Scuba diving is its measured by how much air you use.  The person who uses the most air… loses.  And it gets me every time.  I go diving, and try harder, which just means I use more air, and at the end of the dive… I’ve lost.

What if Taking Water was more like diving than running?  What if applying more effort actually wrecks it in the long term.  What if the effortless approach of diving is what’s needed?  How would that change what Taking Water looks like for you?


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