Speaker: Vince Klassen

As we end our teaching season (we start in July and end in June every year) we wanted to explore the idea of our Spiritual Endgame. We talked last week about Taking Water, the term we use to talk about making the world around us a little bit better. And this leads us to a really important question, whose life are we making better?

People like us?
Who agree with us?
Who feel the same as us?

Or is there more?

As we roll into summer, after probably one of the most stressful seasons of our lives, when our world seems more divided and contentious than ever before, we wanted to ask the profoundly biblical question that comes to us from the TV series Breaking Bad

Whose Car Can We Light on Fire?

Join us this week for an inspiring vision to take us into the summer season. Please join us either in person or online.

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