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Project Mexico Day 4

When we started planning this trip we made sure we budgeted for some additional water funds to help the family and community.  We kept a lookout for opportunities and many presented themselves.  We decided to use some of those funds to purchase a few household necessities for the family like toilet paper and cleaning supplies.  We also added components to the build requested by the family; Like an additional entry and door to the house, a dividing wall completed with drywall, and three additional concrete pads outside of the entryways to their old and new homes.

The morning of day 4 was spent applying the second coat of stucco and all the add-ons mentioned above.

In the afternoon we had a very emotional key ceremony, complete with a dance party!  After we handed off the keys, two of our team members raced into town to print and frame the photo of the family and pick up some flowers.  The rest of us stayed at the home and broke tortillas with the family; they were delicioso; and made by the youth and Nelly who shared her culinary wisdom with us.

Day 4 brought so many emotions and so much love. Our hearts were already sooo full; they have grown 10 sizes this trip to make space for this life-changing

experience.  We all look forward to sharing that capacity with everyone at home.


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