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What a journey it has been!

On Friday we packed up camp and drove into Tijuana to La Casa Del Alimento; this is a soup kitchen and daycare that friends church  built in 2010 and their expansion in 2012.

Sylvia started the project with her husband Philippe to help kids who are growing up in low income house holds have three healthy meals a day and a safe place to go during the day.  Often these kids have parents who struggle with substance abuse and as a result do not enroll their kids in school.

Unfortunately Phillippe passed away during COVID.   The strength Sylvia and her two daughters Prima Vera and Samuel have shown since his passing have inspired us as water carriers to persevere through life’s tragedies.

We spent most of the morning playing with the kids and giving Sylvia a much needed break.  After a few rounds of soccer, spike ball, and hopscotch Ryan, Marlon, and Sylvia went to the supermarket to purchase food for La Casa Del Alimento.  When we returned we played some more and then helped serve lunch before saying our farewells.

From there we were off to the hussle and bustle of LA, a much needed shower, and our team dinner…We left Mexico with hearts ten times bigger and anticipation for the water we can carry to Tijuana at next year’s Project Mexico.

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