Speaker: Vince Klassen

As we take a few weeks to go deeper into topics or stories that we covered this year, I want to take you deeper into the story of Joseph (of the techinicolor dream coat). Into the mystery of why his brothers actually want to kill him?  As we dig deeper we find a complex story of difference, threat and stress that is worthy of its own podcast – all tied into the theme of Pride Month. This story has been trying to find its way into my messages for months now, and finally it gets its own spotlight, not just because its a great story, though it is, but because it gives us insight into how we navigate the exit out of the craziest 14 months most of us have every experienced.

We will look at:

  • How we deal with differences that make us feel uncomfortable?
  • How we know how much the stress of the pandemic is impacting us?
  • And how to make sure we leave a legacy of love?

Join us in person or watch the live stream.

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