Easter at Friends Church is a special time. Its a time where we take stock of the last year and ask ourselves:

  • Where did I screw up?

  • Where did I hurt others?

  • Where did I hurt myself?

  • Where did I forego living my meaningful life?

  • Where did I forget my spiritual journey?

We take stock, we remember these moments where we failed…

and we let them go. We follow our spiritual ancestors and ritualize the letting go of all the mistakes we made this last year. All the times when we were less than. All the times when we were hurtful. All the times we are embarrassed of. And we start tomorrow fresh. Free of the shame and the self-recriminations. Free!

This is a profound day in the Friends Church spiritual calendar, and we want to invite everyone to come and find the freedom to start again fresh. To experience a Resurrection of your own/the Sunrise that starts the day after.

This service is accessible to anyone, even those on a different spiritual journey or no journey at all. So invite anyone you think might need freedom from a difficult year.

Message ran April 2023